Video Productions & Instructional Presentations

Instructional Video for Patients.    

Produced & Directed 1990

Instructional Video for Surgeons

Ambulatory Phlebectomy: Tricks and Caveats. Produced & Directed.   

14th World Congress of Phlebology at Rome, Italy September 2001 presentation

Instructional Video for Surgeons

Advanced techniques in Phlebology. Produced & Directed   

Vein Treatment 2002    

Gold Coast, Australia September 2002.

Instructional Video for Surgeons and Anesthesiologists - Anesthetic techniques in office based venous surgery. 

Produced & Directed   

Vein treatment 2002   

Gold Coast, Australia September 2002

Instructional Video for Patients Update 

Produced & Directed 2003

Instructional Video for Surgeons   

Tricks and Caveats in Ambulatory Phlebectomy   

Introduced to the permanent video library of the American College of Phlebology 2001

Natural Approach to Chronic Vein Conditions    

Instructional brochure for patients 2004

Curriculum Vitae