Lightsheer™ Diode Laser Hair Removal

The Lightsheer™ Diode Laser is the state-of-the-art system for removing unwanted hair faster and with less discomfort.

The Lightsheer™ laser emits energy through a crystal filter. Your hair follicle is destroyed by the heat causing the hair to fall out over time. Numerous hair follicles are treated simultaneously. A cooled tip provides you with added comfort and protection for the upper layer of your skin. 

The area treated may feel like a slight sunburn with some swelling around your hair follicles following the treatment. This is a normal response to treatment. You are able to return to normal activity immediately after your treatment.

Not all hair responds to the Lightsheer. Light-skinned individuals with dark course hair respond best, however other skin and hair types will benefit with changes in the settings. Some hair follicles may be in the latent phase during treatment; therefore, several treatments are needed in the area to achieve optimal results.

Insurance companies consider this to be cosmetic and will not cover this procedure. With the Lightsheer™ Diode Laser hair removal system, cost is based per session on the area treated. The average number of sessions per area is 2-6.