Contrary to the old-fashioned regimens of bed rest after vein treatment, patients are instructed to walk as much as possible in the days following each treatment. This helps to re-route blood to the deeper, healthier veins.

  • A compression bandage is worn for only 2-7 days after micro-surgery, catheter occlusion and VNUS Closure® procedures. A shower bag is available if patients desire bathing with the dressing in place.

  • Compression stockings are worn for short periods after all treatments to assist in healing and reduce any mild discomfort or swelling, which may occur.

  • Because mild sedatives are usually given during the micro-surgery, catheter occlusion and VNUS Closure® procedures you will need to bring someone to drive you home afterwards. You may drive yourself to all subsequent post-procedure visits because sedation and anesthesia are not needed.

  • Post procedure follow-up visits are very important. During these visits the efficacy of treatment and your body's healing response to the therapy will be thoroughly evaluated. Often it is during this period that additional sclerotherapy is discussed and scheduled to ensure the best long term results possible.