• Editor, PHLEBECTOMY. Newsletter of the American Society of Phlebectomy (1996)

  • Reviewer Phlebology Papers for Veno Service Italy (1996)

  • Reviewer Phlebology Digest Volume 5, Number 2 (February, 1998)

  • Published Abstracts Venous Digest Volume 4, Number 2 (February 1997)

  • Contributor for Prevention Health Books for Women

    Natural Prescriptions for Women for Varicose Veins; Rodale Press, Emmaus, Pennsylvania (1998)

  • Academic Advisor & Member of the Teaching Staff, Section of Phlebology

    Hospital Privado de Comunidad - Mar del Plata, Argentina (1999)

  • Contributor to Multimedia Atlas of Phlebology, Editor Alessandro Frullini

    2000 Gloria-Med Services Srl (Como/Italy)

Curriculum Vitae