A "Leg Up" on the Treatment of Vein Disease

By: Rose Breuss, Director of Marketing, McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C.

Since it's opening in 1988, the Iowa Vein center has been Iowa's leader in the use of new technologies in treating patients with vein disease. Dr. Jose Olivencia, founder of the Iowa Vein Center, has pioneered new techniques offering his patients minimally invasive treatment for varicose and spider veins allowing them to return to their normal activities very quickly, usually within the next day or so. MHC&S is pleased to profile our client, Dr. Jose Olivencia and the Iowa Vein Center in this issue of the Client Bulletin.

As early as high school, young Jose Olivencia knew he wanted to be a doctor to help people feel better and have greater quality of life. After completing medical school in his homeland of Argentina, Dr. Olivencia had the opportunity to intern at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines, becoming a well-known surgeon. Dr. Olivencia shared, "At that time, Phlebology (the diagnosis and treatment of vein diseases) was not a medical specialty, as the American College of Phlebology was not established until 1985."

Recognizing that vein disease could be performed in an outpatient setting, Dr. Olivencia traveled world-wide to learn new techniques, eventually bringing these new concepts, and his knowledge back to Des Moines. Dr. Olivencia said, "Because people were hospitalized and put under general anesthesia to undergo vein surgery, patient recovery time was much longer - most times patients were not able to return to normal activities for weeks. However now, our patients heal quickly and they are often surprised how soon they can return to work."


The Iowa Vein Center, located at 2425 Westown Parkway, is a 6,800 square-foot facility in West Des Moines. The spacious setting provides staff and patients with state-of-the-art equipment and ample room to complete treatments in a comfortable selling.


The beautiful artwork in the Iowa Vein Center comes mostly from Argentina. At the Iowa Vein Center, Dr. Olivencia is joined by his associates, Dr. Lee Abramsohn, Christy Haack, PA-C, and Peggy Hobus, ARNP, who are all dedicated to the treatment of vein diseases. While the majority of their patients are women, vein disease is not gender specific and many men also seek the services of the Iowa Vein Center. Some of the disorders Dr. Olivencia and his colleagues treat include: varicose and spider vein issues, chronic venous insufficiency, vascular disability evaluation, leg ulcers, swollen legs, dark legs and more.

No Vein ... No Pain

Vein, Vein ... Go Away

Have you seen these billboard titles around town? As a marketer, I think they are some of the best. While many patients are referred by their primary care givers to the Iowa Vein Center, Dr. Olivencia also believes in building brand equity and name recognition with a comprehensive marketing program. The Iowa Vein Center uses not only outdoor advertising, but also radio, TV, magazine advertisements and has an excellent, interactive web page, allowing patients to schedule their own appointments. In addition, the Iowa Vein Center was at the Iowa State Fair at the Varied Industries Building earlier this summer, sharing information about the leading-edge services they provide. Regardless of the medium used, their message is always consistent in that they can and do provide patients with healthier legs allowing them to feel better and look better.


Throughout the years, Dr. Olivencia has been the recipient of countless awards for his pioneer work in the area of vein disorders. A couple of his honors include serving as Chairman of the Surgical Section of the American College of Phlebology in 2003 and being named Honorary Fellow of the American College of Phlebology in 2004. In addition, he is one of only four physicians in the state of Iowa who is board certified in Phlebology. Dr. Olivencia. said, "I am very proud of this certification as the criteria is very rigorous including passing a comprehensive exam, demonstrating experience, successfully performing a determined number of cases, authoring articles, teaching and more." Dr. Olivencia has trained other physicians in this field, and has been a key note lecturer on numerous occasions.

When asked what gives Dr. Olivencia his greatest satisfaction, he was quick to respond, "Seeing how happy my patients are with their results gives me the greatest satisfaction. My patients are very excited to see and feel the results very quickly, and it makes me feel good to know I have added to their quality of life." Dr. Olivencia said that he has many cards and notes people have sent him over the years, sharing that after many years they can now wear shorts again, or they have more energy because their legs are not tired, or how quickly the recovery was. "That is a great feeling!" said Dr. Olivencia.


When asked what the future will hold for the Iowa Vein Center, Dr. Olivencia said, "Technology will continue to change and we always like to be on the cutting edge of technology." They are presently looking at new equipment in Europe which will allow them to treat small veins in the legs and face with radio frequency. Dr. Olivencia said, "This technology is brand new. It has been tested and results look very promising." They are hoping to be using this equipment in 2010.The Iowa Vein Center and MHC&S have been business partners for many years. We are proud to have you as our client and fortunate to have you as our friend.