Q: Do I need varicose veins for circulation?

Varicose veins are dilated incompetent veins that are actually a burden on your circulation.  They allow your leg to carry an excess of blood volume that leads to symptoms such as heaviness, aching and swelling.  Once the abnormal veins are part of the superficial system of veins which returns only 10% of the blood from the legs to the heart; the rest is handled by the deep system which is never treated with sclerotherapy.  After treatment the leg would feel lighter and vibrant as evidence of improved circulation. 

Q: Will I need any veins that are removed for any type of heart surgeries?

No as those veins are so badly damaged that they would not be selected if you needed the vein for any type of heart procedure. 

Q: What is the first step in treating varicose veins and spider veins?

The treatment begins with an initial consultation.  The doctor will examine you, answer any questions you may have and develop a treatment plan.  The plan will include anticipated results, an estimation of cost and the length of time required for treatment.  Upon approval of the treatment program, you can schedule your first appointment.

Q: What do I need to do prior to my first appointment?

Read the material in the Iowa Vein Center information packet that will be mailed to you once you have made an appointment.  Have your questions ready for the doctor.  The doctor will tell you the necessary precautions to take before your first treatment. 

Q: How long will my treatment take?

Every patient is different and the extent of their disease will vary greatly.  Most patients require several appointments.  Very extensive disease will require more treatments. 

Q: Will insurance pay for the treatment?

The initial consultation and any necessary testing is usually covered by your insurance carrier minus your copay or co-insurance.  Many insurance plans will cover the treatment for the larger varicose veins.  Most insurance carriers consider the spider vein treatment cosmetic and do not cover that treatment.


Q: Are there restrictions to my activity?

Your activity level will be determined by the treatment needed.  Minor restrictions may apply.

Q: How do I pay for treatment?

We ask that you pay your copay or co-insurance at the time of your consultation or office visits.  We accept VISA and MasterCard.  An itemized bill showing all charges and payments is provided at each visit.  Should you need outpatient minor surgery, there is a separate charge for your operating room supplies.  We will work with your insurance carrier to get authorization for any procedures that need to be performed, and we will file all charges that are covered by your insurance carrier for you.