We at the Iowa Vein Center have eighteen years experience in the treatment of venous disease. As like other chronic illnesses, chronic venous insufficiency needs to be evaluated and treated on a regular basis.

Continual monitoring of our patients leads to improved quality of life by decreasing the prevalence of venous complications. Regular follow-up also ensures patient compliance and continued education.

If complications do arise, such as venous ulcerations, thrombophlebitis, or bleeding veins, to name a few, we at the Iowa Vein Center are here to treat and manage these problems keeping the primary care provider abreast of the situation. We are happy to answer questions and always will refer the patient back to primary care provider for their ongoing medical care.

Along with chronic venous insufficiency, we also offer treatment for varicose veins, spider veins on the legs and face, we have several lasers, and most importantly, many years of expertise in venous care.

We would be happy to provide you and our patients with our services and care. Improving the quality of life of patients is our first and foremost goal.