Women's Edition 2010

Varicose veins affect both men and women and all ages. Check out this article that describes the ailment and the latest treatments designed to get you up, moving, and back to enjoying life again as quickly as possible. 
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Women's Edition 2009

Read how Dr. Olivencia pioneered a low-invasive technique for the treatment of vein disease and is training other medical practitioners in its use. Since starting Iowa Vein Center in 1988, he has personally treated more than 24,000 legs.

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McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C. Newsletter

This article in the MCH&S newsletter profiles their client, Iowa Vein Center - their history, philosophy, services, and results. 
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Women's Edition 2008

This article in Women's Edition tells readers how to have younger-looking legs courtesy of Iowa Vein Center. 
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Redbook, Good Housekeeping and Woman's Day

Seems like everyone is talking about Iowa Vein Center. This full-page feature appeared in the September issues of Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and Woman's Day

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