Carol's Story

Carol suffered from pain in both of her legs on a daily basis. Her ankles were purple and usually swollen and puffy. She had veins all over both legs which were broken and uncomfortable. When she would rub them, she could feel bumps underneath her skin. Some areas were turning red and purple around the broken veins. Her doctor had given her three different types of pain medicine, but nothing seemed to be working.

Frustrated by the constant pain and the ineffectiveness of medication, Carol sought the advice of Iowa Vein Center. After a combination of ambulatory phlebectomy and ligation, Carol’s “ropey” veins were gone and so was the pain.

Today, Carol is no longer in need of pain killers, her swelling is under control and she no longer has those bumpy veins underneath her skin. For Carol, the answer for her varicose veins came in the form of relatively painless procedures that have her looking and feeling her best.